News 07.01.18 Summer 2018 Newsletter Click here for the June 2018 Newsletter. 06.19.18 JACL Condemns Border Concentration Camps Below is a statement from the National JACL condemning the border concentration camps: JACL Statement on the Border Concentration Camps 06.01.18 June 2018 Newsletter Click here for the June 2018 Newsletter. 05.01.18 May 2018 Newsletter Click here for the May 2018 Newsletter. 04.01.18 April 2018 Newsletter Click here for the April 2018 Newsletter. 03.01.18 March 2018 Newsletter Click here for the March 2018 Newsletter. 02.02.18 Mass. House Bill 3361 The New England JACL was one of 50 organizations that testified at a State House public hearing in support of H.3361, which would disaggregate data in the collective category "Asian American" into Asian American subgroups. More information on the bill can be found in this Sampan editorial. 02.01.18 February 2018 Newsletter Click here for the February 2018 Newsletter. 01.31.18 National JACL Statement on the State of the Union Address This morning the National JACL issued a statement about President Trump's State of the Union Address. 01.04.18 January 2018 Newsletter Click here for the January 2018 Newsletter. 12.01.17 December 2017 Newsletter Click here for the December 2017 Newsletter. 10.29.17 Upcoming Talk with Smithsonian Curator On November 4th (4-6 pm), the NEJACL is sponsoring a talk by Noriko Sanefuji, curator of "Righting a Wrong: The Japanese American Experience during World War II," currently featured in the Smithsonian's Museum of American History through December 8. The program is free and open to the public. It is being held at the MIT Center for International Studies, E40-4th Floor, 1 Amherst Street, Cambridge. 10.01.17 October 2017 Newsletter Click here for the October 2017 Newsletter. Archived News and Events: Click here

Upcoming Events 05.12.18 [Flyer] Brookline Sakura Matsuri Festival 12:00-4:00 pm Brookline High School 115 Greenough Street Brookline, MA 12.17.17 [Ticket website] (Discount code: BAAFF) Hold These Truths A Play About Gordon Hirabayashi With Post-Performance Discussion 3:00 pm Lyric Stage Opera 140 Clarendon Street (2nd Floor) Boston, MA 11.04.17 [Facebook site] Curating Injustice: On Assembling "Righting a Wrong" and Other Exhibitions on the Asian American Experience 4:00 pm MIT Center for International Studies E40-4th Floor 1 Amherst Street Cambridge, MA Event: 10.21.17 "Resistance at Tule Lake" Film Screening, Boston Asian American Film Festival 6:30 pm (Sold Out) Bright Family Screening Room The Paramount Center Emerson College 559 Washington St. Boston, MA