Gallery In our gallery you will find press releases, pictures, descriptions, and articles from the New England JACL's past events and activism on behalf of civil rights. Event: December 17, 2017 "Hold These Truths: A Play About Gordon Hirabayashi" and Post-Performance Discussion On December 17th, members of the New England JACL attended a Lyric Stage Opera performance of "Hold These Truths: A Play About Gordon Hirabayashi" featuring Michael Hisamoto, directed by Benny Sato Ambush, and written by Jeanne Sakata. The performance was followed by a panel discussion on the Japanese incarceration andthe Hirabayashi case that included NEJACL co-president Margie Yamamoto, NEJACL members Paul Watanabe and Yutaka Watanabe, and actors Michael Hisamoto and Khloe Alice Lin. Event: May 18, 2017 Sus Ito's "Before They Were Heroes" Reception In the spring of 2017, the Transit Gallery at Harvard Medical School was the first location to host the Japanese American National Museum's traveling exhibit "Before They Were Heroes," which displayed the photography of New England JACL member Susumu (Sus) Ito. On Wednesday, May 18 the NEJACL co-sponsored an opening and reception that included presentations by several speakers, including Sus Ito's grandson Justin Ito-Adler and son-in-law James Ito-Adler, NEJACL members Paul Watanabe, James T. McIlwain, and Margie Yamamoto. Afterward, guests guests examined Sus Ito's photographs of the celebrated 442nd Regimental Combat Team and experienced a taiko drumming performance by the Genki Spark. Event: May 13, 2017 Brookline Sakura Matsuri On May 13th, the New England JACL sponsored a table at the Brookline Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) where people could create their own sakura tree craft. There were also multiple taiko group performances, Japanese food, and Bon Odori dancing. Event: February 25, 2017 Day of Remembrance: National Security & Civil Liberties 1942 & 2017 On February 25, 2017, the New England JACL held the annual Day of Remembrance at the MIT Starr Forum. After an invocation by Hoda Elsharkawi (MIT Muslim Chaplain), Kenneth Oye (Professor of Political Science, MIT, and NEJACL Co-President) moderated a panel discussion that included Nadeem Mazen (Cambridge City Council), Barbara J. Dougan (Civil Rights Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations), Shannon Al-Wakeel (Executive Director, Muslim Justice League and Board, Mass ACLU), Gautam Mukunda (Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School, expert on presidency) and Paul Watanabe (Director UMass Institute for Asian American Studies, NEJACL member). This event was co-sponsored by the MIT Center for International Studies, the Asian American Studies Program at the University of Massachusetts Boston, Asian American Resource Workshop, and Council on American-Islamic Relations, Massachusetts. Click here to watch a video of the panel: Event: May 18, 2016 Asian American Journalists Association AAPI Month Event The New England JACL joined the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) in celebrating Asian American Pacific Islanders Month by co-sponsoring an event that brought together Boston's top Asian American leaders for an evening of open discussion. Pictured above, from left, are Tommy Chang, Boston's first Asian American Superintendent of Schools, Michelle Wu, the first Asian American Boston City Council President, and Dan Koh, the first Asian American Chief of Staff for a Boston mayor. This event on May 18th attracted a standing room crowd of more than 270 people. For a partial transcript of the panel, see this Boston Globe article. Event: February 2016 Day or Remembrance: Kimi Maeda's "Bend" New England Tour In February 2016, the New England JACL sponsored Kimi Maeda's New England Tour of her performance of Bend, which tells the true story of two men interned in a Japanese American internment camp during World War II: Maeda's father, an Asian Art historian who suffered from dementia at the end of his life, and the subject of his research, Isamu Noguchi, a half-Japanese- half-American sculptor. February 19: University of Massachusetts Boston, Boston, Massachusetts February 21: Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts February 22: Marlboro College, Marlboro, Vermont February 23: Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts February 24: Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire February 25: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts February 26 & 27: Puppet Showplace Theater, Brookline, Massachusetts (The New England JACL hosted a reception at the final performance) Event: November 7, 2015 The Japanese American Incarceration: Constitutional Vigilance in Times of Crisis (Teacher Professional Development Workshop) On November 7, 2015, the New England JACL co-hosted with the Boston University School of Education the professional development workshop "The Japanese American Incarceration: Constitutional Vigilance in Times of Crisis." Over 40 social studies teachers, representing schools from the Berkshires to Boston, attended the full day workshop at the BU School of Education. The workshop provided teachers with a historical background of the Japanese American incarceration during World War II, connections to current events and other communities, and the ongoing lessons of discrimination, civil liberties, and justice. Participants discussed how these topics cross over into the classroom, and were provided with curricular materials to support the teaching of Japanese American incarceration in their classrooms. The highlight of the workshop was a panel discussion featuring Japanese Americans sharing their personal experiences in the camps. Event: October 17, 2015 Covering the Game: Asian Americans in Sports Media The New England JACL co-sponsored with the Asian American Journalists Association the event "Covering the Game: Asian Americans in Sports Media," held at New England Sports Network's studios in Watertown, Massachusetts. This event included a panel discussion including Fluto Shinzawa (hockey reporter, Boston Globe), Gary Striewski (anchor/reporter, NESN), Ben Watanabe, (digital content editor, NESN), Al Young, (media consultant), and moderator Daigo Fujiwara (former informational graphics artist, Boston Globe). The talk was followed by a tour of the NESN studios and a hot dog lunch. Press: January 1, 2015 Sus Ito Among 442nd Regiment Veterans Honored at 2015 Rose Parade Members of the 442nd Regiment, including Sus Ito, are honored at the 2015 Rose Parade in Pasadena, California. Event: November 3, 2014 "To Be Takei" Screening at the Boston Asian American Film Festival New England JACLer Sus Ito and actor George Takei at the Boston Asian American Film Festival (BAAFF) on November 3, 2014. NEJACL was one of the co-presenters for a screening of "To Be Takei," a documentary about Takei's life, from his work on "Star Trek," to his more recent advocacy for marriage equality and civil rights. BAAFF is sponsored by the Asian American Resource Workshop. Event: July 9-12, 2014 JACL National Convention, San José, California New England JACL was well represented at the JACL National Convention held July 9 through 12 in San José, California. Pictured above with the newly re-elected National JACL President David Lin (second from left) are Kota Mizutani, a student at Brown University and JACL's Eastern District Council Youth Representative; President Lin; Ken Oye, New England JACL co-president and NE JACL delegate; and Sarah Purdy, a student at McGill University (Montréal) and NE JACL delegate. Press: June 14, 2014 Kyoto Kondo Featured in Wellesley Weston Magazine NEJACL member and artist Kyoto Kondo is featured in June's issue of WellesleyWeston Magazine. Click here to read the article: Press: February 21, 2014 Sus Ito and the 442nd Regiment Visit the White House Members of the 442nd Regiment, including Sus Ito, visit the White House and meet with President Barack Obama. Press: May 23, 2013 Professor Paul Watanabe Receives the Chancellor's Award for Distinguished Service Paul Watanabe is a member of the New England JACL. Congratulations on this prestigious award. With 35 years of distinguished service at all levels of his university, community, and nation, Professor Watanabe is a "most deserving recipient of this award." He was a founding director of the Asian American Studies Institute and currently serves as its director, as well as chair of the Political Science Department. He was an early director of the university honors program and currently teaches an honors course on the Japanese internment. He has worked with the Asian American Studies Program to win the U.S. Department of Education designation as an Asian American-, Native American-, and Pacific Islander-serving institution, making UMass Boston the only institution with this designation in the northeast. In addition, he helped to win a major five-year grant to bolster services for students from these underserved populations. Beyond his university service, he is currently the chair of the U.S. Census Bureau's National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic, and Other Populations; is president of the Board of Directors of the Nisei Student Relocation Commemorative Fund; is on the Board of Directors of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts; and has served on numerous other boards. Professor Watanabe has also spent years fostering positive, proactive U.S.-Japan relations, including with Chukyo University, and facilitating communications with many Japanese consulates. Irene Inouye, president of the U.S.-Japan Council, praised his leadership role, especially when he served as a member of the Japanese American Leadership delegation to Japan. Professor Watanabe is also a widely-respected and frequently consulted public intellectual who comments regularly on the American political process and Asian American issues via local and national television, radio, newspapers, and news magazines. His service both on campus and to local, national, and international communities is service that has increased the visibility and prestige of our university. Press: December 20, 2012 Remembrance of Daniel Inouye: Paul Watanabe On December 20th, Paul Watanabe eulogized Senator Daniel Inouye for WBUR. He writes, "Too many of today's politicians lack basic competence, vision and decency. Too few are inspired by a fundamental commitment to the common good. With Senator Inouye's passing this deficit becomes deeper at a time when the nation can ill afford it. Hopefully others will step forward to fill his very large shoes. 'Aloha' senator." Event: September 25, 2012 Colors of Confinement: Book Talk with Eric Muller On September 25th, the New England JACL co-sponsored with the Institute for Asian American Studies the event "Colors of Confinement," which was a talk at UMass Boston by Eric Muller. Eric Muller is the Dan K. Moore Distinguished Professor in Jurisprudence and Ethics at the University of North Carolina and his recently released book showcases a collection of color photographs taken by Bill Manbo (1908-1992) while incarcerated in the Japanese American internment camp at Heart Mountain in Wyoming. Event: May 12, 2012 Brookline Sakura Matsuri On May 12th, the New England JACL sponsored a table at the Brookline Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) where people could test their Japanese-American trivia. There were multiple taiko group performances, Japanese food, and Bon Odori dancing. The Consulate General of Japan presented Brookline High with two cherry trees from the Washington, D.C. Press: November 10, 2011 Susumu Ito's Appearance on CNN The above is video from Sus Ito's appearance on CNN, where he discusses his experiences in World War II (Note: Click on the black CNN box to access the video). For more information: Susumu Ito @ Event: September 10, 2011 Book Talk with Debra Samuels Lincoln Public Library, Lincoln, Massachusetts (Photos by Mark Hopkins) On September 10th, the New England JACL hosted a book talk with Debra Samuels. Over 50 people attended Debra's book talk that focused on her new book My Japanese Table: A Lifetime of Cooking with Friends and Family. Afterward, attendees created their own obento from food prepared by NEJACL members earlier in the day. Event: May 25, 2011 The Chef's Table Daikanyama, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts On May 25th, New England JACL co-sponsored with New Asian Recipes the inaugural "The Chef's Table" event. It was well attended and everyone enjoyed the amazing cuisine of Miyabi Zen, a type of Kaiseki-ryori. This was followed by a brief talk with the chef Daisuke Shimizu, a native of Japan, who discussed among other things the inspiration he found in his mother's cooking. For the full menu click here. Event: April 2, 2011 The Crisis in Japan Wellesley Friends Meeting, Wellesley, Massachusetts On April 2nd, Ken Oye, MIT Associate Professor of Political Science and Engineering Systems, spoke about Japan's earthquake and tsunami, as well as recent events in Fukushima, and the long-term effects on politics and economics in the region. Press: March 16, 2011 Ken Oye's Appearance on WGBH's Greater Boston The above is video from Ken Oye's appearance on WGBH's Greater Boston, where he discusses the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Press: March 15, 2011 Ken Oye's Appearance at the MIT Starr Forum Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts MIT Tech TV The above is video from Ken Oye's panel appearance at the MIT Starr Forum about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the impact on their nuclear power plants. Event: February 12, 2011 Day of Remembrance 2011 Featuring the film 442nd: Live With Honor, Die With Dignity and a Conversation with Sus Ito Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts On February 12th, the New England JACL observed the Day of Remembrance by watching the film 442nd: Live With Honor, Die With Dignity followed by a conversation with Sus Ito, member of the 442nd. This event was co-sponsored with the Asian American Center at Tufts University. Event: November 7, 2009 Race, Ethnicity and the 2010 Census: Categorizing and Counting University of Massachusetts, Boston, Massachusetts On November 7th, the JACL co-sponsored a panel on "Race, Ethnicity and the 2010 Census: Categorizing and Counting." The panel featured Paul Watanabe as speaker and Melissa Nobles as commentator. Norman Eng from the US Census supplied details on outreach program and Sus Ito closed with reflections on national origins and race over the past six decades. The panel engaged on points of controversy and historical interest related to the US census count. For a full summary, download here. Event: November 15, 2008 My Life as an Alien: Tales of an Asian American Expatriate in Asia, A talk by Paul Niwa Emerson College, Boston, Massachusetts On November 15th, Paul Niwa, journalist and journalism professor at Emerson College, spoke about life as an Asian American in Asia. Niwa helped launch NBC Asia Evening News" and produced CNBC's "Today's Business" and "This Morning's Business." Event: August 10, 2008 Bento and Baseball Middlesex Community College and Edward A. LeLacheur Park, Lowell, Massachusetts In August of 2008, the New England JACL held the Bento and Baseball event. This included lunch, the viewing of the film American Pastime about the role of baseball in the Topaz Internment Camp at Middlesex Community College, followed by a Lowell Spinners (Red Sox Affiliate) minor league baseball game. The day was a great success and there were many new faces thanks to the efforts of a NEJACL members Tom Laughlin, who was our host at Middlesex Community College, and Steve Nishino, who organized the event. Event: July 18, 2008 Law and Disorder in Times of War: Security, Surveillance and Civil Liberties JFK Library, Boston, Massachusetts (from left to right, Paul Watanabe, Glenn Kumekawa, Mari Oye, May Takayanagi, and Taka Takayanagi) In July of 2008, a group of NEJACL members spoke about the internment and other issues in a panel on "Law and Disorder in Times of War: Security, Surveillance and Civil Liberties" at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston. Press: May 7, 2008 Resolution Affirming Support for the Human Rights of Detainees Full Text of the Resolution [PDF] The New England JACL sponsored a passed resolution at the 2008 JACL National Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. This resolution pertained to human rights of individuals detained by the government of the United States. Copies of this resolution have been sent by the JACL to the President, Vice President, Attorney General, and majority and minority leaders of Congress. Event: February 24, 2008 Art of Gaman: Arts and Crafts from the Internment Camps (1942 - 1946) Exhibit University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut In February of 2008, the New England JACL visited the William Benton Museum of Art at the University of Connecticut's exhibit on the Art of Gaman - Art and Crafts from the Internment Camps. Members toured the exhibit, which encouraged conversations about internment and injustice. This was followed by a viewing of a few short films about the internment camps. Activism: June 25, 2007 Mari Oye (New England JACL member) Confronts George W. Bush on Torture and Civil Rights Violations (Photo courtesy of WBZ Television/CBS) For a PowerPoint Presentation: PowerPoint on Mari Oye Please note: Depending on your Internet speed, this presentation may take a few minutes to load. You can either click on the link above to open in your browser or you may download it by using these instructions: Macintosh users control click the link above and "download linked file" and Windows users right click the link above and "save target as". The above is a video from Mari Oye's appearance on Democracy Now. The clip begins at 47:32. For more information: Democracy Now - July 3, 2007 Here is a link to the Nichi Bei Times article: Nichi Bei Times Article Here is a link to the Asian Pacific Forum Interview: Asian Pacific Forum Interview Here is a link to the New York Times article: New York Times Article Here is a link to the Boston Globe article: Boston Globe Article